Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who Is?


I stumbled upon this song on youtube while looking for another BMs' song. Embrace the lyrics...

~Oh, i was perfect~for the circus~if she dared me, i do it~love makes you stupid~i gave it up~but i guess it was not enough~cause she never seemed satisfied~i know i'm not perfect~but at the end of the day~who is ? ~she wanted someone thats perfect~well okay~But can you tell me~who is ?~she set the bar~just above the stars ~a rocket couldn't reach it~but i still kept on reaching~she watched me try~at least a thousand times~if she loved me~she'd stop me~but noo~i know i'm not perfect~but at the end of the day~who is ?~she wanted someone thats perfect~well okay~but can you tell me~who is ?~i saw something worth my future~so wrong so wrong~in my mind i was all it took~but i guess i wasn't wrong~i Know i'm not perfect~But at the end of the day~who is ?~she wanted someone thats perfect~well okay~but can you tell me~who is ?

Untuk setiap kasih yang tak menjadi...
untuk setiap cinta yang tak bersambut...
untuk semua harapan yang diperbodohkan...
untuk setiap pandangan sebelah mata...
untuk setiap tangan yang tak sudi membalas...
untuk setiap kata-kata dan usaha yang disia-siakan...

aku bertanya pada kalian....siapa yang sempurna?

Bruno Mars' Who is (do click)

p/s: sunyi belum terubat.


Sporting Events vol.1


Sepanjang minggu ni ada banyak sporting events yang berlangsung i.e Australian Open tennis, Badminton Korea Open, and AFC Asian Cup which just ended a moment ago.

Yup, The Blue Samurai came out top against The Socceroos (Australia) winning the final match 1-0. Gratefully, aku memang rooting for Jepun pun untuk menang tournament ni. Even though, it looked as if they were scrambled themselves to get through to the final, it was actually their resilient and never-say-die attitude that got them where they are belong; to victory!

Dorang beat Syria 2-1 when they had to play with 10 men when the goalkeeper were shown a dubious red card for a challenge against the opponent. Tak cukup itu, again they had to play with 10 men almost for a good half an hour in quaterfinal against the host, Qatar, (our own Subkhiddin Salleh was the referee of the match). They came back twice and won the match 3-2, thanks to a brace from brilliant Shinji Kagawa.

Shinji Kagawa - Borussia Dortmund

Masa semifinal against Korea Republic was an epic match. The Korean scored an equaliser at the death of extra time and the game had to be decided with penalty shootout. Eiji Kawashima was the hero, saving two of the first spotkicks from Korea and Japan through to the final against Australia.

Aku rasa ada beberapa players yang menjadi pillars of the team, yang work tirelessly to bring the title to the team. Among them are Makoto Hasebe(C), Keisuke Honda and Yasuhito Endo.

Makoto Hasebe - the Captain
A similar mould of Stevie G. Have a good presence, leading the pack with maturity and calmness, the engine of the midfield alongside fellow teammate, Keisuke Honda, and everywhere in the field to be found. Currently playing with Germany outfit, VfL Wolfsburg.

Keisuke Honda - The Playmaker
Piut Boon Siew Honda ni buat masa sekarang bermain untuk CSKA Moscow. Bersama Hasebe, dia adalah creative force yang dictate the play for Japan's team. He's a decent free kick taker yang scored a few goals from set pieces. Rasanya untuk Asian Cup ni dia xdapat score any goals. However, he was crowned the MVP of the tournament. Baru2 ni ada dengar LFC nak beli =)

Yasuhito Endo - Mr. Cool
Dia ni is the epitome of coolness. Time atas padang, rileks je. Macam xletih, macam tak pressure. Position die dalam team is holding midfielder, the one yang cover the back four. Playing for Gamba Osaka in Japan, he is one of the most senior figures in the team yang offer experience to the younger teammates. Walau bagaimanapun, this probably will be the last tournament for him sebab dah menginjak ke angka 30.

Apa2 pun, game bola ni is a teamwork game. The rest pun main OK dan main peranan masing2. Tak pernah orang main bola sorang2 and then menang World Cup. What excites me is, the asian teams sekarang showing a lot of progress. Player dorang, especially Jepun dan Korea banyak players muda and showing good performance and skills.

So nak relate la sket dengan pasukan kebangsaan kita. Sekali tengok memang a good sign for our football as for now we are the strongest team in SEA region selepas menang SEA games + AFC Suzuki Cup. Walau macam mana pun, banyak lagi yang perlu dilakukan untuk truly bring the team to greater heights. Nak jugak tengok team Malaysia di Asian Cup finals 2015 yang akan diadakan di Australia. 

Tapi FAM kena realistik la dengan perancangan diaorang and really they have to stop all the political games in the association. Janganlah sebab duit ramai yang nak mengendeng walaupun tak tahu sepatah haram pun pasal football development. Pastu bila menang, sibuk tunjuk muka dalam paper. C'mon la, let the deserved ones take the credit for their hardwork!

Sorry, emo sikit...=ppp

Omedetou Samurai Blue!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zuhairah Mustafa Al-Husin

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

My heart has grown fonder on watching Berita @ 9 because of her...

Zuhairah Mustafa Al-Husin TV9
Nothing significant about this. Just a normal rapturous feeling from a man towards a woman. It's not like she will ever read this entry (I'll be glad if she does!)

Tiba-tiba teringat lagu from LFO (Lyte Funkie Ones) Girl On TV...

"I wish for you on a falling star..wondering where you I ever cross your mind..In the warm sunshine..she's from the city of Betty Davis,James Dean,and Gable..never know what she means to me..I fell for the girl that's on tv..."

Dalam hidup, bukan semua yang kita impikan akan menjadi kenyataan. Adakala, apa yang kita sangat harapkan, bukan yang elok untuk kita. Sebab itu kita xdapat. Dan kita dapat pula yang kita tak suka @ kurang suka. Kerna Tuhan Maha Mengetahui.

To you Miss Z...all the wealth and wellness upon you, Insha Allah.*wink wink*

Take care. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Reds - the hard time


It's very hard to talk about this anymore...almost menyampah...but being loyal is about sticking together through ups and downs. So, i shouldn't complain. Tapi nak komplen jugak! =)

Roy Hodgson already gone. Enter Kenny Dalglish or dubbed as 'King Kenny',a living legend for Liverpool FC. Dia ni dulu dah pernah jadi manager LFC masa late 80's and won the league championship three times. So, hopefully, dengan adanya dia sekarang, not only will revive the team spirit, also will bring the team out of the slump.

After 7 wins, 5 draws and 10 defeats, LFC are now lie 13th in the table. Not a favourable position to mount any challenges for the title this season. Realistically, paling bagus pun, target sekarang ialah untuk berada dalam kelompok 6 team teratas. At least, layak la untuk Europa League for another year.

King Kenny - can he work any magic?
 Untuk masa sekarang moral pasukan bukanlah diparas yang terbaik. The inconsistency of their performances tells all. Ditambah lagi dengan the 'loyal duo' Gerrard + Carra out of action for number of games, tinggallah yang lain2 cuba menggalas cabaran. New signings untuk season ni pun xberapa boleh harap except for Raul Meireles who tried hard and well to fill in the gap left by Gerrard for now.
The same can't be said for Paul Konchesky, Joe Cole and Christian Poulsen. though But i do believe they are all talented bunch of players and when the time is right, they will be able to show their worth to the team.

Di kala itu, January transfer window telah bermula dan beberapa high profile signings telah pun dapat dilihat. Antara yang paling hangat diperkatakan perpindahan Darrent Bent from Sunderland to Aston Villa. Outta no where tiba2 aje. Tapi xkisahla itu team lain punya cerita. At this point of time, LFC is heavily linked to Ajax's Luis Suarez and AV's Ashley Young. I bet Suarez definitely will fit in just right with his style of play and his agility as shown masa World Cup haritu di mana Uruguay went as far as quaterfinal and Suarez scored 3 goals.

Luis Suarez in Ajax Amsterdam FC outfit

Tentang Ashley Young aku xpasti sama ada the transfer will go through or not as it's unlikely for Aston Villa which now fighting for their own survival in the league to part with one of their best players.

As for me, LFC perlukan seorang lagi recognized centreback if they want to compete with the best. So far yang aku tengok, centrebacks yang ade in the form of Skrtel, Carra, Kyrgiakos + Agger are prone to mistakes that led to conceding goals. Bila opponent dah score, the team let their heads down and not able to be resilient and fight back as done in the previous seasons. 

I'm still hoping they will try to lure Brede Hangeland away from Fulham FC, but now Hodgson is gone (if only he has any direct influence on the player while his tenure as Fulham FC manager) i think that LFC should stick with what they got and try not to concede anymore goals.

Apa yang,bukan2...yang penting sekarang ialah untuk build balik confidence di kalangan pemain and in the same time try not to lose to lower ranking teams macam kalah dengan Blackpool ke, Wolves ke, West Ham etc. Sepatutnya team2 inila yang patut dorang amik kesempatan sepenuhnya score maximum points (3,that is) dan give a good fight la to the heavyweights (i.e Arsenal, Spurs), at least you give some hope to the fans out there that you can challenge for places.

As for this season, for a Champions League's spot is hard to do tapi masih belum mustahil, the best that LFC can come out this season is try to win the Europa League (they were  already knocked out from FA Cup + Carling Cup) and finish the league at least 6th placing ke atas. And then, next season is the start over to mount any challenges for top honours...

...but i think...F.Torres will be gone next season...a hunch~

LFC...You'll Never Walk Alone!

p/s: 22/01/11 - LFC defeated Wolves at Molineux 3-0. Torres scored a brace separated by delicious volley from R.Meireles. Nice~

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hilangnya sebutir permata

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

"a brother, a friend, an inspiration..."

Lama aku tangguhkan entri ini. Cuba cari kejelasan, cari ketepatan perasaan. Tapi nampaknya sampai sekarang pun belum jumpa. Xpelah, kalau sempurna pun mungkin itu sebab aku syok sendiri. Coz the last time i was told, nothing is perfect...

Tanggal 18/12/2010 lalu kami telah kehilangan seorang ahli keluarga iaitu seorang sepupu/anak sedara/cucu in the name of Mas Afzal. Arwah memang sudah beberapa tahun melawan sejenis penyakit kanser darah yang digelar Hodgskin's Lymphoma (do click) bermula sewaktu pengajian dia di UK dalam jurusan kedoktoran. Dia telah pun menjalani rawatan kemotrapi di sana tapi malangnya sel2 kanser menyerang kembali selepas dua bulan.

Dan beberapa minggu sebelum dijemput Ilahi, dia dimasukkan ke Hospital Ampang kerana demam dan jangkitan pada paru-paru. Ini berikutan antibodinya yang semakin lemah disebabkan kanser tersebut. Keadaannya turun naik semenjak admitted dan akhirnya pulang ke Rahmatullah pada tarikh tersebut jam 0224, dikebumikan di tanah perkuburan Sg. Marong, Bentong, Pahang pada hari yang sama. (Exit 810,that is)

Down to the memory lane, we literally growing up together when we were young. Aku dan arwah serta dua orang abangnya were best of friends. Of course kadang2 sesekali 'bercakaran' jugak. Aku selalu looking forward to raya sebab itulah masanya nak melepaskan rindu bermain bersama memandangkan umur kami lebih kurang sebaya and mase tu aku cuma ada adik perempuan. So, dengan dorang we could do all sort of 'boys stuff'.

Arwah semasa hayatnya was a very bright student. Among cousins, dia masih memegang rekod SPM terbaik, 10 straights As. Rightly so, he was offered to further his studies in UK. Allah memang sayangkannya. Dalam pada melengkapkan pengajiannya sebagai seorang doktor, dia terlebih dahulu diuji menjadi seorang pesakit. Dan dalam keperitan melalui rawatan kemotrapinya, dia masih terpaksa did revision for his exams. Dan alhamdulillah, dengan usaha dan semangat tidak kenal putus asa, dia berjaya menamatkan pengajiannya dan bergelar seorang doktor.

Tapi malangnya kerana dia tak berkesempatan untuk menabur budi sebagai seorang doktor di tanah tumpah darah. Dia pernah berkhidmat sekejap sewaktu housemanship nya, tapi penyakit kansernya datang kembali, menjejaskan kesihatannya dan membataskan aktiviti hariannya.

Sewaktu hayatnya, arwah had touched many people's hearts. Aku pun kurang tahu. Hanya setelah pemergiannya baru aku tahu betapa ramai orang yang mengenalinya, di kalangan rakan2 dan masyarakat Malaysia di UK sewaktu arwah menetap di sana. Di hari pemergiannya, FB page dan blog arwah dihujani beratus ucapan takziah untuk ahli keluarga. Mengikut yang aku dengar, personaliti arwah yang peramah, senang didekati dan mengutamakan kebajikan orang lain, membuatkannya cukup disenangi oleh orang lain. Selain itu, arwah juga seorang yang warak. Dia adalah contoh terbaik bagi kami sepupu2 yang seangkatan.

Dr.Mas Afzal (duduk,tengah) bersama dengan cucu2 Aki Bentong yang lain - raya terakhir bersama; 1431H

Bila perginya seseorang, kita akan mencari-cari memori yang kita boleh relate dengan yang telah pergi. Begitulah juga aku. Kadang-kadang aku rasa macam mimpi, dan ada masanya aku rasa arwah masih ada bersama kami. Our childhood was very colourful. Bila mana kami berjumpa, memang tak boleh duduk diam. Ada aje aktiviti yang nak dibuat. Aku masih ingat, arwah ada menghadiahkan aku muffler Liverpool FC dari UK. Being the only LFC supporter in the family then, (skrg aku dah berjaya rekrut my youngest brother pulak) so arwah bagi la something as a moral support sebab dia & yang lain support MU!

Hayat arwah mungkin xlama. Pada usia 26 tahun, Allah telah menetapkan ajalnya. Namun, yang pasti, dalam tempoh itu, arwah yang telah meninggalkan satu legasi yang telah menyentuh banyak hati manusia, baik melalui kata-kata, personaliti, tulisan mahupun kebajikan yang telah dilakukannya. A great, meaningful, well-lived 26 years. Semoga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan para solihin dan rohnya dicucuri rahmat oleh Yang Esa. Buat fellow bloggers/readers, mohon sedekahkan Al-Fatihah buat arwah, moga menjadi bekalan amalan buatnya di sana.


Dr. Mas Afzal b. Masaruddin : 1984 - 2010

1) to know him more, do visit his blog: Not A Primrose Path (do click)

2) Dr. Mas Afzal singing nasyid:

...take care~


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You Don't Know


You Don't Know - Westlife

Nobody knows me
Yet everyone knows my name
Some people judge me
Not knowing that I'm the same

Thanks for the offer
But I keep my old friends always
But then I get lonely
Counting the endless days

Are you here for me at all?
Do you care for me at all?
Well, this time now I know
I ain't standing alone no more

Cos all I want is love
Someone who can share the pain I feel
And the eyes that stare
Won't stare at me no more
Cos all I need is time
Time for me to open up and show
The person I am
The person you think you know
You don't know
You don't know

Some heartfelt emotion
Creeping from deep inside
Cause being this person
Is all I've got left to hide

Were you here from me at all?
Did you care for me at all?
Last time I was told
I ain't standing alone no more

All I need is love
Someone who can share the pain I feel
And the eyes that stare
Won't stare at me no more
And all I need is time
Time for me to open up and show
The person I am
The person you don't know
You don't know
You don't know

You don't know... 


A Friend Indeed


Baru tadi berkesempatan berbual panjang dengan sahabat baik. Menceritakan masalah hidup yang sedang melanda dan bertukar pendapat. Betapa proses itu satu 'healing process' yang sangat berkesan. Terasa beban di dada berkurangan sikit.

Dalam hidup ni, kita akan jumpa ramai kawan. Dan berjenis-jenis pulak tu. Dan percayalah, kawan² yang berada bersama-sama kita di waktu susahlah adalah kawan yang sebenar. Sahabat, to be exact. Sahabat yang sentiasa memberikan sokongan, membantu bila kita bermasalah, mengutarakan jalan keluar, yang berkongsi kegembiraan dan tak pula judge kita sewenang-wenangnya.

Aku bersyukur, walaupun tak ramai, aku ada sekurang-kurangnya seorang kawan baik yang boleh aku percayai. Kawan yang boleh simpan rahsia dan boleh share citer² menarik dengan aku.

Tak lama dulu, dia ada masalah. Masalah yang cukup hebat dan benar² menguji dia sebagai seorang insan. Alhamdulillah, waktu itu aku rasa aku telah melaksanakan tugas aku sebagai seorang sahabat dan kini, bila tiba hari aku, aku didengari.

Dalam berkawan, aku cukup hargai kawan² di sekeliling. Tak hairan kalau aku masih lagi contact kawan² sejauh zaman tadika lagi sehinggalah kawan kerja sekarang. Tapi nampaknya kebelakangan ini, aku dapat rasa yang that is not the case anymore. Oleh kerana ramai kawan² yang sibuk dengan komitmen masing², baik dek kerana keluarga @ kerja, dah tak selalu kami keluar dan hang out together.

Kalau dulu, akulah yang paling seronok mengatur rancangan dan tentatif aktiviti yang boleh dilakukan bersama. But now, the excitement is slowly, but surely fading away.

Sudah tiba masanya, aku perbetulkan prioriti aku. Tak mungkin lagi aku biarkan ruang untuk kawan² @ so-called friends yang ada bila kita senang @ gembira. Bukannya nak mengungkit @ membeza-bezakan kawan², tapi kekadang aku geram bila mereka sendiri yang menjauh bila aku dilanda masalah.


Dalam masa yang sama, aku masih lagi membuka hati pada kawan² baru yang ikhlas berkawan. Pada asasnya aku seseorang yang senang didekati walaupun kelihatan sombong @ serius sebab aku kurang bercakap. Tapi i really do enjoy one-to-one conversation and i could be pretty chatty too.

Treat me right, and i'll treat you double right~

Take care.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

AJL 25


Walaupun 'pale-hotak' tengah serabut tapi aku lupekan itu sekejap untuk tujuan release kejap. Kalau fikirkan sangat, mereng agaknya nanti.

Esok AJL 25. Kalau dulu, di zaman kami adik beradik masih semua ada di rumah, selalunya di saat ini, kami dah start 'cop' candidates kemenangan masing² =p In fact, xkira la anugerah ape pun, we all akan melekat depan tv and teka² sapa akan menang.

Kadang² bila nak tambah beria, siap bagi² markah lagi for every right guess (well, lucky guess of coz) and then total up tengok siape yang menang overall. Beria kan?!

Tapi sekarang, kami berjauhan. Sorang di sana, sorang di situ, ade yang di sinun. Probably, to those yang masih ade masa akan tengok la live kat tv esok. 

Last AJL memang excellent. Kudos to the production team for the awesome performance. I dunno about this year though as it's almost nothing new could challenge the last one. Plus, i believed that last year punya songs' qualities yang competed were much better compared to this year.

However,itu semua only 'my 2 cents'. I didn't exactly gi analyse lagu² tu satu². I just looked at it at a glance and then come out with my POV.

Pada aku, among the strongest musim ini adelah Drama King-MUH ft. Black, Hanyut-FT and who knows probably Yuna's Cinta Sempurna will win one of the prizes. Aku tak tahu la, tapi bagi aku Drama King is something different. The sound is unique, also the reason why 'Itu Kamu' dan 'Lagu Untukmu' boleh menang.

Tapi yelah, juri punya evaluation is everybody's guess. Kalau dorang betul² base on lagu semata-mata, baik tak perlu bertanding, just bagi je pada lagu yang paling puitis dan 'dalam'. Tapi oleh kerana juri pun manusia, i do believe banyak lagi faktor yang diambil kira, termasuk la populariti. 

Hubungkait populariti vs. menang ni pada aku berkait rapat. Kalau lagu tu bagus, ia akan diterima ramai, so lagu itu popular. Bila lagu tu popular, maknanya lagu tu bagus?! Yela kot. Tapi dikir Halim Yazid 'Anak Tupai' pun popular. Kenapa tak bertanding masuk Muzik²? =))

Lagi satu, kalau artis tu popular, selalunya akan dapat lagu² yang bagus. That's why you can find new act macam Shahir + Adira dapat masuk AJL walaupun ramai lagi penyanyi yang lebih veteran tak pernah merasa.

Lagi dua, given a different situation, it's down to luck. Yup,nasib.

So, esok clearly i'm rooting for Drama King. Menang ke tak, aku kisah ape. Kalau menang pun, bukan dorang nak share prize money tu dengan aku...=ppp

All the best!

p/s: kesian Sixth Sense tak dapat compete dalam Muzik² coz most of their songs composed by Adie. He's an Indonesian. Kalau tak, 'Menyesal' might have an outside chance to win~

Friday, January 07, 2011

Saya Akan Lupakan Kamu

Days gone by...
the feeling diminishing...
and the love faded...

*그럴 겁니다... 잊을 겁니다... (I will...forget you...)*

I will forget you. Starting today,
I don't know you. I have never seen you.
We never even walked pass each other.
I'm okay. I forgot everything. I'm happy with my busy life.
I've met a great person too.

Love is always like this. It fades away after some time.
Can't even remember it...

Even if it hurts now, it will hear a little later.
It will forget. I will too.

It's not difficult. I will forget everything after today.
I'm just getting used to my changed life...

>> extracted from: CN Blue's I Will...Forget You - Bluetory album.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt...

Pengakhiran episod R...
Pengakhiran episod W...

Bukan permulaan yang baik untuk 2011. Part of it was my fault, and the rest, i don't want to own it...either it's really mine or not.

Tolonglah...aku tak kuat harungi ini sendirian. Berilah aku sokongan, supaya aku mampu menikmati lagi kehidupan ini.

Aku tahu, i'll bounce back from this misfortune. I just need to know how i'll be able to do that...

Part of me, ashamed...
Part of me, sad...
Part of me, upset...
Part of me, regret...
Part of me, just don't care...

Need some be alone~


Sunday, January 02, 2011

Tahun 2011


Nampaknya tahun baru dah start. Untuk kebanyakan orang permulaan yang ini lebih nyata @ significant berbanding tahun Hijrah sebab commonly perceived by the masses. Tak kisahla, yang penting dua-dua pun dah masuk yang baru.

As for me, tahun ni xdela beria sangat nak pasang2 azam. Biarlah ianya berlaku mengikut nature dan ketentuan yang akan berlaku. Bukan malas @ apa, tapi disebabkan bimbang dikecewakan oleh diri sendiri dek kerana xmencapai kebanyakan yang diazamkan.

So,probably tahun ini, dengan menggunakan strategi baru (by not writing them down) will be a blessing in disguise. Sebab dalam kepala adalah beberapa perkara yang hendak dicapai buat tahun ini tapi rasanya biarlah ia kekal dalam kepala, for the time being.

The start of this new decade hopefully will bring a better world for us. As we all know, the last decade was so chaotic, full of unfortunate events. Dengan kes 9/11, the deadly tsunami and H1N1 outbreak, made me think for once that the END might be 'very near'. Of course bukan ini yang kita harapkan dari penghidupan atas dunia ini sebelum menutup mata. Tapi oleh kerana tangan² manusia jugalah yang mencorak perjalanan dunia, so don't complain too much.

Di sini aku pun nak ambil kesempatan nak wish selamat tahun baru 2011 kepada famili, sedara mara, kawan² and especially goes to my fellow blog readers. This blog will not be meaningful without you.

Let's make this world a better place to live in.

Take care~