Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sporting Events vol.1


Sepanjang minggu ni ada banyak sporting events yang berlangsung i.e Australian Open tennis, Badminton Korea Open, and AFC Asian Cup which just ended a moment ago.

Yup, The Blue Samurai came out top against The Socceroos (Australia) winning the final match 1-0. Gratefully, aku memang rooting for Jepun pun untuk menang tournament ni. Even though, it looked as if they were scrambled themselves to get through to the final, it was actually their resilient and never-say-die attitude that got them where they are belong; to victory!

Dorang beat Syria 2-1 when they had to play with 10 men when the goalkeeper were shown a dubious red card for a challenge against the opponent. Tak cukup itu, again they had to play with 10 men almost for a good half an hour in quaterfinal against the host, Qatar, (our own Subkhiddin Salleh was the referee of the match). They came back twice and won the match 3-2, thanks to a brace from brilliant Shinji Kagawa.

Shinji Kagawa - Borussia Dortmund

Masa semifinal against Korea Republic was an epic match. The Korean scored an equaliser at the death of extra time and the game had to be decided with penalty shootout. Eiji Kawashima was the hero, saving two of the first spotkicks from Korea and Japan through to the final against Australia.

Aku rasa ada beberapa players yang menjadi pillars of the team, yang work tirelessly to bring the title to the team. Among them are Makoto Hasebe(C), Keisuke Honda and Yasuhito Endo.

Makoto Hasebe - the Captain
A similar mould of Stevie G. Have a good presence, leading the pack with maturity and calmness, the engine of the midfield alongside fellow teammate, Keisuke Honda, and everywhere in the field to be found. Currently playing with Germany outfit, VfL Wolfsburg.

Keisuke Honda - The Playmaker
Piut Boon Siew Honda ni buat masa sekarang bermain untuk CSKA Moscow. Bersama Hasebe, dia adalah creative force yang dictate the play for Japan's team. He's a decent free kick taker yang scored a few goals from set pieces. Rasanya untuk Asian Cup ni dia xdapat score any goals. However, he was crowned the MVP of the tournament. Baru2 ni ada dengar LFC nak beli =)

Yasuhito Endo - Mr. Cool
Dia ni is the epitome of coolness. Time atas padang, rileks je. Macam xletih, macam tak pressure. Position die dalam team is holding midfielder, the one yang cover the back four. Playing for Gamba Osaka in Japan, he is one of the most senior figures in the team yang offer experience to the younger teammates. Walau bagaimanapun, this probably will be the last tournament for him sebab dah menginjak ke angka 30.

Apa2 pun, game bola ni is a teamwork game. The rest pun main OK dan main peranan masing2. Tak pernah orang main bola sorang2 and then menang World Cup. What excites me is, the asian teams sekarang showing a lot of progress. Player dorang, especially Jepun dan Korea banyak players muda and showing good performance and skills.

So nak relate la sket dengan pasukan kebangsaan kita. Sekali tengok memang a good sign for our football as for now we are the strongest team in SEA region selepas menang SEA games + AFC Suzuki Cup. Walau macam mana pun, banyak lagi yang perlu dilakukan untuk truly bring the team to greater heights. Nak jugak tengok team Malaysia di Asian Cup finals 2015 yang akan diadakan di Australia. 

Tapi FAM kena realistik la dengan perancangan diaorang and really they have to stop all the political games in the association. Janganlah sebab duit ramai yang nak mengendeng walaupun tak tahu sepatah haram pun pasal football development. Pastu bila menang, sibuk tunjuk muka dalam paper. C'mon la, let the deserved ones take the credit for their hardwork!

Sorry, emo sikit...=ppp

Omedetou Samurai Blue!


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