Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Reds - the hard time


It's very hard to talk about this anymore...almost menyampah...but being loyal is about sticking together through ups and downs. So, i shouldn't complain. Tapi nak komplen jugak! =)

Roy Hodgson already gone. Enter Kenny Dalglish or dubbed as 'King Kenny',a living legend for Liverpool FC. Dia ni dulu dah pernah jadi manager LFC masa late 80's and won the league championship three times. So, hopefully, dengan adanya dia sekarang, not only will revive the team spirit, also will bring the team out of the slump.

After 7 wins, 5 draws and 10 defeats, LFC are now lie 13th in the table. Not a favourable position to mount any challenges for the title this season. Realistically, paling bagus pun, target sekarang ialah untuk berada dalam kelompok 6 team teratas. At least, layak la untuk Europa League for another year.

King Kenny - can he work any magic?
 Untuk masa sekarang moral pasukan bukanlah diparas yang terbaik. The inconsistency of their performances tells all. Ditambah lagi dengan the 'loyal duo' Gerrard + Carra out of action for number of games, tinggallah yang lain2 cuba menggalas cabaran. New signings untuk season ni pun xberapa boleh harap except for Raul Meireles who tried hard and well to fill in the gap left by Gerrard for now.
The same can't be said for Paul Konchesky, Joe Cole and Christian Poulsen. though But i do believe they are all talented bunch of players and when the time is right, they will be able to show their worth to the team.

Di kala itu, January transfer window telah bermula dan beberapa high profile signings telah pun dapat dilihat. Antara yang paling hangat diperkatakan perpindahan Darrent Bent from Sunderland to Aston Villa. Outta no where tiba2 aje. Tapi xkisahla itu team lain punya cerita. At this point of time, LFC is heavily linked to Ajax's Luis Suarez and AV's Ashley Young. I bet Suarez definitely will fit in just right with his style of play and his agility as shown masa World Cup haritu di mana Uruguay went as far as quaterfinal and Suarez scored 3 goals.

Luis Suarez in Ajax Amsterdam FC outfit

Tentang Ashley Young aku xpasti sama ada the transfer will go through or not as it's unlikely for Aston Villa which now fighting for their own survival in the league to part with one of their best players.

As for me, LFC perlukan seorang lagi recognized centreback if they want to compete with the best. So far yang aku tengok, centrebacks yang ade in the form of Skrtel, Carra, Kyrgiakos + Agger are prone to mistakes that led to conceding goals. Bila opponent dah score, the team let their heads down and not able to be resilient and fight back as done in the previous seasons. 

I'm still hoping they will try to lure Brede Hangeland away from Fulham FC, but now Hodgson is gone (if only he has any direct influence on the player while his tenure as Fulham FC manager) i think that LFC should stick with what they got and try not to concede anymore goals.

Apa yang,bukan2...yang penting sekarang ialah untuk build balik confidence di kalangan pemain and in the same time try not to lose to lower ranking teams macam kalah dengan Blackpool ke, Wolves ke, West Ham etc. Sepatutnya team2 inila yang patut dorang amik kesempatan sepenuhnya score maximum points (3,that is) dan give a good fight la to the heavyweights (i.e Arsenal, Spurs), at least you give some hope to the fans out there that you can challenge for places.

As for this season, for a Champions League's spot is hard to do tapi masih belum mustahil, the best that LFC can come out this season is try to win the Europa League (they were  already knocked out from FA Cup + Carling Cup) and finish the league at least 6th placing ke atas. And then, next season is the start over to mount any challenges for top honours...

...but i think...F.Torres will be gone next season...a hunch~

LFC...You'll Never Walk Alone!

p/s: 22/01/11 - LFC defeated Wolves at Molineux 3-0. Torres scored a brace separated by delicious volley from R.Meireles. Nice~

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