Saturday, March 26, 2011

Setelah Berakhir Episod Ini

It's a little bit of change now
A sad face is smiling now
Time for misery to take a bow
To make way for hope
That might just at the corner of that

End will be the sadness
A stop beckons for that madness
Suddenly the sun will shine again
No more thunder, no more rain
New horizon will begin
for this lonely heart
craving for a new start...

But who knows about tomorrow?
Could be set for another sorrow
This could be a false alarm
when all i need is a charm
To reignite the dimmed light
Hope is within sight
I'll fight...

Setelah Berakhir Episod Ini
I'd be very grateful to the Almighty
to give me a chance
to make all this a history
So long grief
So long bye bye
Hello peace, sings me
a lullaby...

Save for me another day
For this I don't have a say
Anything is possible
Everything can be made able
It's a twist of fate
I wish it'll not be too late

A change, that's what
I'll make...

Setelah Berakhir Episod Ini
Padamu kuharapkan inspirasi
Buat semangat yang melatari
Segenap jiwa, seluas laut,
Serata sinar mentari
Lagukan suara kegembiraan
Untuk janji masa hadapan
Kitakan bersama
IA, selamanya...

This will be the last
Be a memory,a blast from the past
Please, no more of this
Future,all I want is bliss
About smiles and victory
Success and perfect scenery

 The world is my oyster
To make up and to make better
This aging will
I'll prevail...



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