Thursday, February 03, 2011

So long Nando, Welcome aboard Suarez & Carroll...


What a frantic 24-hour last Monday!

Aku tak maksudkan hidup Jack Bauer dalam series '24'...what i meant is the January transfer window...duhh~

Seperti yang aku catatkan dalam previous entry, aku dah rasakan yang sooner or later, our once beloved son, FT (bukan Faizal Tahir) will leave the club. Malangnya, mungkin sebab dia terbaca entri aku tu, he decided to ask for transfer subsequently. Huh!

Last transfer window menyaksikan lebih GBP215m bertukar tangan di BPL, satu rekod baru. Ini ada kena mengena dengan new rule that will be imposed by UEFA in coming season known as UEFA Financial Fair Play rule.(click link for further explanation)

Basically, peraturan baru ni menekankan 'sound financial management' for clubs. Fail to adhere to the rule, akibatnya dorang (kelab2 yang degil @ xmemenuhi kriteria) will not be allowed to compete neither in Champions League nor Europa League. Tak masuk in those two, means kurang duit la...dan rasanya tak ada kelab yang tak nak duit.

Okla berbalik kepada transfer window. LFC berjaya recruited sekurang-kurangnya dua pemain.

1) En. Luis Suarez from Ajax Amsterdam for GBP22.8 million.

Former Ajax captain now a RED servant~
He's 24. An Uruguayan. Has scored for Ajax more than 100 goals over three and a half seasons. He was named 'Dutch Player of the Year' in 2009/10 season, having scored 35 goals in 33 games (49 in all competitions). Last World Cup, he helped Uruguay through to quarterfinal by playing in 6 games and scoring 3 goals.

Looking at his CV, definitely he's a decent signing. Tapi, BPL is a different league altogether and he needs to adapt quickly and stamp his mark.

2) En. Andrew Carroll dari Newscastle United untuk GBP35 juta. Apo?!

Does he really worth GBP35m? Only time will tell~
After performing so convincingly for Newcastle in their first season back to top flight football, he suddenly found himself attracting the big guns in the league for his service. Kebetulan, LFC was looking for a replacement when FT decided to go, so LFC made a bid for GBP30m which was turned down by Newcastle. Tapi agaknya sebab terdesak sangat, LFC came with improved offer of GBP35m and realizing it was an offer too good to ignore, NU accepted the offer walaupun kedengaran yang sebenarnya Carroll tak nak blah pun! Isk...

Walau macam mana pun, he is now the new LFC's No.9 and when he's fully recover from his recent injury, we'll see how he will fare in Red. Being 22, he has time on his side, but to fully prove himself with the 'most expensive British footballer' tag on his forehead, will definitely be a tall order for this young chap.

Mungkin kedengaran aku agak 'bias' dengan Andy Carroll ni, tapi sebenarnya aku memang happy he's now part of the family...walaupun tangis perginya FT belum kering...huwarrghh~

...dan untuk FT, aku mengharap ko tak blah, apatah lagi menyertai team London tu, tapi nampaknya takde apa lagi yang boleh diperkatakan selain thanks for your services and goals, but i don't wish you well at your new club...huhu...emo pulak.

Now a history...
Taken a quote from the legendary (now the caretaker-manager) Reds - Kenny Dalglish:-

"Players leave the club and players come in, though more have come into this club than gone. It's no different now. People move on. The most important thing is the club"

...indeed. No one's bigger than the club.

Sayonara FT!

p/s: 3/2/11 - LFC won match against Stoke City 2-0 with the debutant, Luis Suarez scoring his first goal for the club!

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