Sunday, February 06, 2011



Tiada kena mengena dengan makanan...huhu

What i'm talking about is this...

Re       : Chelsea vs. Liverpool
Venue : Jambatan Stamford
Time: +16:00 GMT

This fixture couldn't come at any better time as this two teams will meet first time since the January transfer window and also the first after Mr.Torres switching allegiance for the blue outfit. On Nov. 7 last year, he scored the two goals that gave victory to his old side. Would he score again this time to make the score even?

Lagi satu yang syok nak tengok ialah bagaimana agaknya percaturan Kenny Dalglish untuk menentang The Blues ni. Last match, dia menggunakan formation 3-5-2-1 yang agak unusual but yet effective to edge stubborn side of Stoke City by winning the game 2-0.

And it is also interesting to see how LFC new signing, Luis Suarez will present himself for his first BIG game in BPL.Will he crack under pressure or rise to the occasion and prove his worth?

Tonight...all the question will be answered, and i'm pretty sure it will be a cracking game with both sides are rejuvenating from recent slump of forms.Apa2 pun of course i'm hoping The Reds will prevail eventually.

Fasten your seatbelt and let's have some action!



cherie said...

a friend posted an FB status that goes something like this :

raul raul raul your boat
gently down the stream
meireles meireles meireles
torres is just a dream :P

::aLoNGarCia:: said...

aku kesiankan dia if proven he made another wrong decision (by joining chelsea)

he should join barca instead!

xpelah,torres is yesterday..=p