Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Mungkin - N.E.R.D.

Saja nak share satu lagu dari En. Neptunes and the gang (collectively known as N.E.R.D.) yang sangat sempoi. Lagu ni memang dah lama, aku selalu dengar dekat hitz.tv. Cuma baru-baru ni teringin dengar balik...i bet not everyone's cup of tea tapi try have a go...mana tau melekat kan...Njoy!

Maybe - N.E.R.D.

Love was the egg
See and it was born in a cloud with silver lining
But it broke, I mean it hatched on the ground
So time flew right by me and while I...


I know you thought your life was goin be easy
When you didn't call you found that you where wrong
I know you thought your life was goin be easy
You thought you had it all but you found that you were wrong

See maybe there was something wrong
And you weren't telling me no
See maybe the laugh's on me
And life was telling me a joke

If something's yours and you let it go
If it comes back to you it was yours all along
When I let you go along with those lies from you
I wonder what else lies in you
Or did the lies just just eat gone


Hold it now!
Is ya'll there?
How you feel right now?
Yeah me too
Hey yeah!
Hold it now!
Ya'll all right?

See do you remember
what its like to wake up in her love nest
get it love nest and now she's gone
gone gone gone

At which point you realize
Life is but a joke and the laughs on you
That's funny right


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